The Clean Eating Challenge

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of clean eating? Mental and physical health, establishing and regulating a healthy body weight and enjoying energy like you had when you were a kid ... these are just a few of the benefits of eating clean.
What is clean eating?
Simple, it's eating less junk food and more naturally beneficial food. Eat less fast food and more fruits and vegetables. Eat less processed food, food that comes in a container, wrapper or package, and enjoy the more whole foods and whole grains.
So what classifies as a "whole food"?
Whole foods are products that have gone straight from your farm to your belly, with a minimum of human interference. This means unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and grass-fed meats, low-fat, minimally processed dairy products and unsalted seeds and nuts. Those are the foods that deliver natural health and wellness.
To get you started feeling, looking and performing better, we are offering the "30 Day Clean Eating Challenge" .


Change Your Diet - Change Your Life

Why Eat Clean? What Does It Mean?
Welcome to the Clean Eating Challenge. For the next 30 days you'll start on the path to a new way of eating and a new lifestyle.

Clean eating isn't about deprivation. Its also not about spending tons of money at a fancy supermarket. Its not a diet – though you will probably lose weight.

Clean eating is about loving food, loving your body, and learning to fuel yourself in a way that you never imagined was possible.

You don't have to spend days in the kitchen preparing meals. Clean eating isn't about complicated and time-consuming recipes.

What it is about is eating whole foods; foods that are free from artificial colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

Its about avoiding foods that have been manufactured to last weeks, or months, on the shelf by stripping away their natural oils and nutrients and “enriching” them with man-made ingredients.

Over the next 30 days you're going to begin to shift from your current way of eating to a clean eating lifestyle.

Its a fun challenge that will positively impact your life in ways that you cannot imagine. It wont be completely easy, and there will be challenges.

With the tips and tricks provided you'll make it through those challenges.

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